C.L.Seifert has been known – for generations – for the beautiful and well tailored Gala uniforms, which are produced for The Royal Court – State authorities and Defence / Police.

The right material choices are vital, since it is often a requirement that these uniforms, can survive for generations. Therefore, C.L.Seifert always chooses the best and the most experienced fabric suppliers.

Our tailors have sewn gala uniforms, for many years, and are among the best in their field.

C.L.Seifert also tailors uniforms – suits, etc. for civilian professions and individuals. No challenge is impossible, for our professional tailors in Copenhagen.

C.L.Seifert manufactures and supplies – from our own factory in Lithuania – uniforms and suits for fire departments – defence – music bands – etc.

We can provide quantities, from 1 to 10,000 pcs., in all designs and materials.

Uniform models

Livrist gallakjole

Footman Gala Uniform

Forest Steward Gala Uniform

Chasseur Super Gala Uniform

Chamberlain Gala Uniform

Queens Lifeguard Super Gala Uniform

Army party uniform

Marine party uniform

Firebrigade uniform mens

Firebrigade uniform ladies

Music/city band uniform mens

Music/city band uniform ladies

Evening dress

Taylor made suit