SINCE 1865

From Outfitters to the Royal Courts to suppliers of the original handcrafted and traditional Cap and Gown.


The Beginning

Back in 1856, an ambitious young  man by the name of Carl Ludwig Seifert, decided to travel from a small town in Germany to the capital city of Denmark, he brought nothing but a dream and a tailor certificate.

It took Carl Ludwig Seifert nine years to safe up a sum of 3000 Danish krone, which was barely enough to set up his own shop and yet The company C.L. Seifert was founded on the 25th of January in 1865 as a modest little shop in the heart of Copenhagen



Appointed to
the Royal Court 

In the year 1903 – C.L.Seifert was appointed by the Royal Court of Denmark, by King Christian IX. The high Standard of our product kept improving thanks to the high requirement from our clients and our passion to become the best in our field.

In the year 1911 – C.L.Seifert was appointed by the Royal Court of Sweden, by King Gustav V for as long as he lived. The expansion to the international market became the natural next step.



C.L.Seifert international now operates in two different lines and in eight countries.


Gala Department

Our Gala department is specialized in producing both hight-end and commercialized uniforms for the royal families, the police, the military and within hospitality



Graduation Department

The other line is within graduation equipment, here we supply caps and gowns for more than hundreds of thousands of students yearly.

Within two years UAE has proven to be one of our must interesting market.

The high school and universities has embraced our concept and products beyond all expectation – for that we are grateful.