Our history

since 1865

In 1865, tailor Carl Ludwig Seifert, came to Copenhagen from Sachsen, Germany. Besides his experienced working hands, the only possession he brought along was his tailor’s certificate.

It would take another nine years before he would manage to accumulate the sum of 3000 Danish krone – a sum not particularly impressive – but enough to enable Seifert to set up his own shop.

The company C.L Seifert was then founded on the 25th of January in 1865 as a modest little shop in Store Regnegade in Copenhagen.

In 1873 Seifert’s son, Carl Julius Seifert, started working in the store as an assistant. He was later made partner and in 1891 Seifert left the company to the son.

In 1903, C.L.Seifert was appointed as the “appointed supplier to the Royal Danish Court” and later in 1911 as the “appointed supplier to the Royal Swedish Court”.

In September 2006, C.L.Seifert established its own production.

In 2010, the old historic premises on the Store Regnegade became too small for the company. Therefore C.L Seifert headquarters moved to their current beautiful and restored location on the Ny Adelgade in Copenhagen.